“I just want y’all to know I really like doing business with y’all.  I’ve done business with a lot of companies being locked up for a while now, but y’all are the best because y’all got so many options to choose from.  I just want to say thank y’all and keep up the good work because y’all make me feel good during this rough time.”

– Byron Goins, Beaumont, TX


“Thank you for your wonderful customer service!”

– Roderick Washington, Bastrop, TX

“So far Im diggin your service.  You have been extremely fantastic with your customer service.  I feel like I just walked into a welcoming environment man.  I tip my hat to you.  And with me developing my own social network, and becoming more intrigued with small businesses, customer service is truly underrated.  I would actually model my customer service department behind a service like yours.  Keep it up.  I look forward to doing business with you.  Peace”

– Chaka Crawford, Minersville, PA

“What’s up.  I bought a couple of your magazines from SNX and y’all are the truth.  I’m in the love with them.  I want info on all your services!”

– Cornell Zanders, Mt. Sterling, IL

“Hello! I want to thank you for all your services and just to let you know I will be using your TheeFONE service until I’m released. Thank you.”

– Shannon Higgins, Waymart, PA


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